State Games 2022

Well done to all our Clan Representatives on their recent success at the State Games in Melbourne 🏆👏

A Clean Sweep for NSW saw all the trophies come back to Sydney 🏆

We are very proud of all our club Members and excited to continue the Celebrations this weekend 🎉

Ladies Football🏐
@siobhan_greevy (Captain)
➖Special mention to Tanya who also picked up player of The Tournament Award 🥇 ⭐️

Mens Football 🏐
@donnchalynch (Manager)
@mickeymac_11 (Captain)

Huge thank you to @an_astrail for capturing amazing footage from the State Games 📷 👏

We look forward to continuing the celebrations 🎉

By ciaramcmenamin Mon 17th Oct